March 13, 2009

A List of the Most Common Inhalers

If you have asthma or COPD, you probably know what it is like to use an inhaler as part of your treatment. But, did you ever wonder what that inhaler does to make you breathe better and, if you have been prescribed more than one, are you confused as to which-is-which, and what-does-what as far as inhalers are concerned. To help you understand their differences, is a list of the most common inhalers and what they do to your lungs:

A List of the Most Common Inhalers


George said...

Some folks are having some major problems with the new HFA inhalers.

The most compelling story is at consumer affairs:

Read the thousands of complaints at this petition:

More complaints:

If you are unhappy with the new HFA inhalers, kindly sign the petition to save CFC inhalers.

R.N. Online said...

Yes, I did a blog on my COPD website about this, and included the link to the petition. Here is my blog and thanks for the info: