April 30, 2008

Asperger Syndrome: From a Personal Perspective

If you are like me, you may have never heard of Asperger's Syndrome until today. This proves to be a bit embarrassing, because I am a nurse. But hey, I learn something new everyday, and today is no different.

According to Wikipedia, "Asperger syndrome is one of the autism spectrum disorders (ASD) or pervasive developmental disorders (PDD), which are a spectrum of psychological conditions that are characterized by abnormalities of social interaction and communication that pervade the individual's functioning, and by restricted and repetitive interests and behavior".

So, what does that mean? I was browsing hubpages and found a hub about this fascinating and virtually unknown disorder written by my friend, Isabella Snow. Written from more of a personal perspective, Isa tells it like it is when it comes to Aspergers, without pulling any punches. Read more about Asperger Syndrome in her latest hub:

April 17, 2008

Fat Burning Foods

Are you trying to lost weight only to be stuck in a rut with the scale tipping upward? Maybe it is because you are eating the wrong foods. Did you know that foods that are high in protein and fiber will help you burn the most fat and lose the most weight! Find out more about fat burning foods:

Fat Burning Foods

April 8, 2008

Tooting My Own Horn

As an RN, I am often frustrated with the current state of health care. Being a nurse just "ain't what it used to be", and I often wonder why the powers that be can't see that the nurses of today would better serve patients if they actually took care of them instead of the paperwork. I really despise it, and decided to do something about it when I started focusing more on my writing. I did not want writing to be merely a "hobby". I wanted it to be a job, something that I could make money doing, while working towards getting away from bedside nursing. This mind you, is not because of patients, but because of bureaucracy.

And so I did just that. I have been working night and day for months on end doing different freelance writing jobs that focus on health care. And, it has not been that lucrative, until now. I have just become the guide for About.com's COPD site and could not be happier. About.com is owned by the New York Times Company! Finally, a real freelance job that allows me to use my knowledge of health care while helping people in an online forum. The job is perfect for me and I just wanted to tell everyone about it. I have been working for almost 3 weeks developing the site, and when it goes live, I will of course provide readers with a link to my new site. I am so excited!

In the meantime, I will not forget RN ONline or my other blog,
The Writer's Block! I hope you don't either!!! Thanks for your continued support.

April 1, 2008

How to Stop Bed-Wetting

Children should never be punished for wetting the bed. To do so could cause emotional scars that may follow a child into adulthood. If you have sought medical attention for your child's bed-wetting problem and there is nothing physically wrong, there are some methods available that may help you to solve the problem and reduce the frustration both you and your child may be experiencing. To read more about bed-wetting cures visit my latest article on EHow:

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